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Long Sutton Men's Shed has been presented with a potentially life-saving defibrillator by a husband and wife who are staunch supporters of the cardiac charity, SADS UK.

Ian and Evelyn Duffy lost their youngest daughter Susanne in 2005 from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.  Since then they have raised thousands of pounds and bought defibrillators for a variety of groups in a bid to save lives.  This defibrillator donation, to the Men's Shed, is the 6th.

The defibrillator is a gift members hope they will never have to use but it will be on site - Silverwood Garden Centre in Brownsgate, just off the A17 - to provide peace of mind.  A number of 'shedders' and Silverwood staff members will undergo specific training to make sure the defibrillator can be used effectively if its ever needed.

Jack Tyrrell, a co-founder of the Men's Shed, says we aim to have the defibrillator registered with East Midlands Ambulance Service so the donation will benefit the wider community.

SADS UK aims to save lives by working to prevent premature, sudden cardiac death.  The charity's projects include providing defibrillators to schools and other groups.  Heart problems and potentially fatal cardiac conditions affect people of all ages, even children.  In a medical emergency a defibrillator can re-start the heart and sustain life until the ambulance arrives.